12 Most Popular Phuket City Tour

When it comes to thinking about Phuket, you might think of beautiful beaches and stunning islands that you are destined to go and visit, right? But what if I tell you that Phuket City has a lot more than that to offer! And it would be absolutely unfortunate if you are going to miss out on the rest. Here is some useful information about the Phuket City Tour that you need to know before you can tell others confidently that you literally have been here in Phuket!


These are top must-visit landmarks in Phuket City once you visit only, you can tell your friends and family that you have finally and really arrived here in Phuket!

1. Promthep Cape

You might have seen a beautiful sunset at least once in your life but nothing compares to the feeling of watching the sun setting at Promthep Cape. It is one of the world’s most beautiful spots for a spectacular sunset view. Or even though you cannot be there in time for the sunset, you can still enjoy incredibly breath-taking scenery by walking your way down to the end of the cape but the way back might make you sweat a bit (make sure not to forget to bring some water) or you can enjoy the panoramic view with delicious authentic Thai food with the one and only restaurant ‘Bukito by Promthep Cape Restaurant’. Promthep cape is mostly included in all Phuket City Tour programmes. Therefore, you can be sure that you won’t miss it!

2. Old Phuket Town

Brightly painted, centuries-old Sino-Portuguese buildings and houses are well preserved by the local people and the government to be a historical representative which would speak for itselves of how Phuket used to be. You will get to experience and tour the origin of Phuket with its own personality unlike anywhere in the world. You can spend the entire day without getting tired as there are nice restaurants, spas, shophouses and cafes for you to enjoy along the way. Although it has also changed a lot as it has become a big city, some traditional shrines, businesses, and shops are still there for you to see since the beginning. Make sure you don’t forget to snap your perfect instagram post!

Tip: Every Sunday, there is a night market locally called ‘Lad Yai’ meaning ‘The Big Market’, where you can walk along Phuket Walking Street around the old Phuket town. There are lots of local street food, souvenirs, clothes and much more awaits you to discover.

3. Big Buddha

One of the most venerated landmarks of Phuket City and a must-have in every Phuket City Tour is a trip to see the Big Buddha overlooking Phuket. The Big Buddha statue is breath-taking to look at. The statue is 45 meters tall, made with stunning Burmese white marble and built on top of the highest mountain of Phuket. Thus, you can get a 360 spectacular view of the entire island. Going up there, catching a nice mountain breeze and warm sunlight, it’s truly a sense of peace that would occur in your mind.

4. Wat Chalong (Chalong Temple)

Chalong Temple is a must-have on every Phuket City Tour list. It is considered one of the most revered places for local Phuket people. We believe and respect the fact that it has been here and lastingly protects our province and our people for over centuries. The temple is filled with stunning golden Buddha statues and most importantly, the actual relics from the Buddha himself. You can observe the local practice of Buddhist culture and if you don’t mind, I invite you to try practicing once. The pagoda is stunning and graceful ancient Siamese architecture. You can also enjoy a 360 view of Chalong from the terrace.

5. Khao Rang (Rang Hill)

Rang Hill is the best place to capture the most amazing panoramic view of Phuket City because of its charming location right at the heart of the city. However, this destination is mostly not available for selection in the tour programme. People love to come here especially at night time as you will be able to see all those stunning lights from houses. It is surrounded by landscaped gardens, trees and sometimes monkeys! There are also some quiet local restaurants at the top. So, you might enjoy the view along with a delicious fresh lunch or dinner. Making it a natural and peaceful spot to fully recharge your energy.


Being the first city in Asia to receive the honor of being one of the creative cities of Gastronomy given by UNESCO making us super proud of our culinary tradition, flavors and creativity. Phuket, due to its location and the long history of trade with numerous countries around the world, making us one of the most culturally diverse destinations. What comes after that is irresistible yummy food which has been derived and modified by all the cultures, truly a yummy melting pot of the Andaman. Thus, please don’t miss any opportunities to try out the food or you can also book a food tour with the local guide! Come and prove with your own taste buds! And you will be fully in love and spelled by the real flavors of Phuket!


6. Book a Phuket City Tour

Booking a tour is the easiest, most affordable and worry-free way to explore Phuket City. Most tour agencies offer both half-day and full-day city tours as well as different types of vehicles such as minivans and private cars for your selection. There are a wide range of different activities and attractions for your own selection. You can easily find the right tour that would best suit your personal preference and enjoy your best local time around Phuket City!

7. Drive Your Own Journey

The best thing about driving and planning your own trip is you are 100% in control of your own experience and time. It’s the sense of absolute freedom that you are going to get! Driving yourself in a different country gives a totally different experience that I do recommend you to try for once. Moreover, renting a car in Phuket is not that difficult. You would easily rent it prior to your trip by just contacting the car rental company and get your car right at the airport or rent it (private car or a scooter) while you are in the city. By that, the best Phuket City Tour is in the palm of your hand!

8. Rent a Car with Your Personal Driver

Imagine cruising with your own planned best Phuket City Tour without having to drive by yourself? How amazing would that be? Getting your personal driver as well as your local professional guide to guide you to discover the real Phuket life. This incredibly comfy, yet wonderful experience can also be found and booked with ease on the internet. Once it is booked, you will be exploring the real Phuket just like Kings and Queens!


9. The Elephant Experience

In Thailand, elephants have quite a reputation, haven’t they? Elephants were chosen as Thailand’s national symbol and it’s found everywhere all over Thailand from the beautiful design of temples to one of Thailand’s most famous beers. For Thais, they are symbols of strength, durability and longevity. Therefore, going to see an elephant is a must! Go swimming with elephants and enjoy elephant bathing at any Elephant Sanctuaries around Phuket City and get your unforgettable touring experience with these incredibly loving and caring creatures! Trust me, your heart will be fulfilled with love!

10. Rock Climbing

An exciting and challenging activity that you should try! Going rock climbing is a good way to get your whole body workout and spend quality time with your friends, and your loved ones as well as getting a refreshing mental challenge and unleash your energy! Nowadays, there are a lot of Rock Climbing Tour available in Phuket City. If you want some challenging adventure, you should definitely try this one.

11. Zip Lining

Zip Lining has become a very popular activity in Phuket City Tour not so long ago but people say they love it a lot! It is a good way to venture into Phuket Natural Rainforest and get spectacular views over treetops soaring across the jungle. Not only that, you also help support ecotourism in a super fun way. It might feel scary at first but once you do it, get your immense adrenaline rush, it will be a lot of fun. And don’t forget to look around and be blessed with all the beautiful trees and mother nature surrounding you!

12. Thai Cooking Class

If you are a foodie like me, you definitely should try Thai Cooking Class! In this activity, you will get to explore authentic local Thai markets, smell, select and learn about Thai herbs and ingredients of your favorite dishes. Then, go back to your kitchen to start cooking your selected dishes as well as desserts. Some Phuket City Tour offers both half and full day duration. It is such a wonderful experience of yumminess that you will never forget!