The 7 best Sunset Viewpoints of Phuket

Every day around 6pm there is that magical moment called sunset. If you’re travelling to Phuket please put this on your to-do list and make sure you enjoy that spectacular moment at one of the 7 great sunset viewpoint in Phuket. In this blog we will tell you where you can experience the sunset-moment with the best view.

1. Khao Rang Viewpoint

Are you looking for a place to watch the sunset with your loved ones in a total relax and peaceful place full of nature? The Khao Rang Viewpoint is the place you’re looking for because aside from the marvellous 360° view of Phuket, the place itself is surrounded by nature with trees and birds that gives the place a calm yet peaceful scenery.

The surrounding nature is so calm, it helps you to clear your mind, to calm down and fully enjoy the best views of Phuket. You can go early morning, in the afternoon or in the evening, any time of day this place is beautiful and 100% worth to visit. 

If you’re feeling hungry, there are restaurants on the side of the road on the way up to the viewpoint that offer various delicious food. This place has it all and it could be the one you have been searching for all along.

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2. Khao To Sae

Khao To Sae Viewpoint is a 250m high viewpoint that tourists often choose to visit to spend quality time with their loved ones and to watch the sunset. The scenery is no different from the Khao Rang Viewpoint but the reason this viewpoint stands out among others is because of one cute and playful creature, the monkeys. You will not only be able to enjoy the view and take pictures of your surroundings, but you can feed the monkeys and take a few pictures of them playing around as well. Khao To Sae also offers several spots to have a seat and relax a bit.

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3. Promthep Cape

Promthep Cape is definitely the best place to watch the sunset in Phuket. If you haven’t been there you can’t really say you have seen the best places of Phuket, a must see!

The Promthep Cape is a viewpoint where you can see the cape protruding off the coast in a fascinating way, especially when the sun begins to set. As the sun sets, you can see colourful arrays of blue, yellow, orange, and pink which makes you feel like you’re in another world.

And did you know that there is hidden beach below the Promthep Cape that you can explore for yourself?  The path down is surrounded by grasslands and gentle slopes, as well as rocks? It doesn’t take long to get to the hidden beach below the Promthep Cape and if you like exploring, taking pictures, and fishing, this hidden beach might be interesting for you.

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Windmill Viewpoint

This viewpoint, not far from Yanui Beach and Promthep Cape, is another beautiful viewpoint in Phuket with a wide view. The ocean, the sky, and the nature in the back creates a wondrous scene that looks like a painting of a landscape. If you look to the ocean side, you can see a small island in the middle, on the right, you can see the Nai Harn Beach while on the left, you can see the Promthep Cape, not far from the place. This viewpoint is often used for pre-wedding pictures because of the panoramic view.

The name windmill viewpoint is related to the enormous windmill which was placed there in the early 90’s.

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Krating Cape

The Krating Cape is another spectacular place to view the sunset that you can’t miss during your stay in Phuket. Besides the beautiful place itself, it is the 30 minutes nature-walk to get to the place that makes this place unique. During the walk you cross the beach, rocky slopes and grasslands before arriving at the Krating Cape.

Krating Cape is another great place to watch the sunset in the evening and make sure you camera is fully charged to capture those impressive moments. If you are up for an adventure, the Krating Cape is the perfect place for you.

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Kata Viewpoint

The Kata Viewpoint offers a brilliant view of Phuket. On a bright day you can see the coastline of Kata, Karon all the way up to Patong. The Kata viewpoint is located between Kata and Nai harn, the road that brings you there is an experience itself. Enjoy the ride and all the views!

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7. Big Buddha

If you’re looking for a place that beautifully exhibits the culture of Thailand, it certainly is the Big Buddha which is known by many foreigners as the biggest religious monument in Phuket.

At the ground floor where you arrive you can enjoy the spectacular view of Phuket from all sides. From this place you can even see Phuket town and many more places.

But the most impressive part is the 45m high marble Buddha monument. They started building back in 2002 and the construction is still going on. It is all built with donations and you can sponsor a marble stone as well. You can write your name and the names of your loved ones on the marble stone and it will be placed on the monument later.

There is a staircase leading you to the monument to get as close as you can get. Take the nearly 100 steps to the top and enjoy! On the way back you will be redirected another way down the hill which offers many other great views of Phuket. At the end of the way down you walk through a temple where monks hold ceremonies which you can attend. 

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