7 delicious Phuket dishes most tourists don’t know

I believe that when a traveler gets to visit Phuket, they always consider visiting one of the 17 beaches, temples, and important attractions in Phuket. But what about the real traditional Phuketian dishes? Are you ready to try some of the best local dishes of Phuket which are unknown by tourists? Let me tell you more about the must-try dishes when you stay in Phuket.

Hokkien Mee

Hokkien Mee is one of the delicious dishes that is highly recommended among many tourists visiting Phuket. People often wonder how it tastes and how it looks but we can say that the Hokkien Mee is one of the dishes in Phuket, well-known for its taste.

Most people like the taste of the yellow noodles that come with the savory soup and the Hokkien style dish that comes with toppings like vegetables, pork, and chicken that are cooked to perfection. Everything on this dish comes together to create a savory, delicate dish. This makes Hokkien Mee a popular dish that you might regret if you miss it.


This traditional Phuket dish looks similar to Pad-Thai, a dish that I believe many have tried before but this time, I want to introduce you to O-Tao, a dish filled with an interesting combination of taro, tofu, and oysters that are fried together to create a unique taste. O-Tao is served with a slightly spicy, sour, sweet orange sauce, and it is a traditional dish that exists in Phuket for more than a hundred years. I can guarantee that this dish is flavorful and delicious.


A salad is a dish that can be bought everywhere around the world and each country has it’s unique flavors to make it a local salad.

For Phuket, it is the Hoo-Chae, Phuket’s traditional style salad, served with a delicious Thai sauce to add these special flavor. The salad doesn’t look that different then a normal salad but the taste on the other hand is really special. The Hoo-Chae is yet another traditional appetizer dish of Phuket that you need to try and it is healthy.

Lor-Bak (Ngo hiang)

Lor-Bak is another dish that is well-known and recommended in Phuket. It is made by steaming the meat with seasonings until well-done and lastly, fried to give its crispy texture, which results in the popular, delicious Lor-Bak dish in Phuket, served with Tamarind sauce and side dishes like Kian, Tau-Kua, and He-Ji that goes well with Lor-Bak. The taste of the Lor-Bak is what makes it special, the Lor-Bak feels soft with the Tamarind sauce that is surprisingly good when eaten together. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. 

Thai Braised Pork Belly

This dish is another famous, traditional Phuketian dish that has been around for over a hundred years in Phuket and a dish that tourists like to try. The place served the softest, juiciest pork belly that melted in the mouth, combined with the taste of the well-seasoned soup that made the dish taste even better. It is a savory yet delicious dish in Phuket that you must have eaten during your stay in Phuket.


Now let’s talk about the popular desserts in Phuket, O-aew is crushed ice that is served with sweet red juice and toppings like clear jelly, red beans. Some restaurants add fruits of the season to it as well. This dessert is perfect for the hot weather of Phuket, helping tourists cool down and feel refreshed, and it is easy to find. Yes, children will love it but I can guarantee you that adults will order some O-Aew too.


This dessert is another traditional dessert in Phuket that everyone likes, especially children. Ah-pong looks similar to the Crepes in Japan, but it is rolled and it tastes sweet. Don’t be surprised if you order some more, only the smell of the crepes will make you order an extra dish.