Introduction to Phuket City

In 1682, the name of Phuket was chosen for this land by the king of that time. The name remains on the site till this day. Many tourists visit the land every year and visit its unique attractions. You must have heard the proverb as you heard it. No matter how much you discover about Phuket’s sights, you still have to see the tourist attractions nearby. You can travel to this beautiful destination by signing up for a Phuket Islands tour.

This historic city has been the focus of business for many years. Precious stones, pearls, wood, and ivory were the commodities that build the economy of this island. The presence of Chinese church buildings and temples shows that Phuket citizens also attach great importance to religious beliefs.

The average temperature varies from 25 to 32 degrees throughout the year. That’s why you don’t have to be afraid of the rains in this city because the air temperature will not bother you.

The total area of ​​Phuket is about 576 square kilometers, with a population of 386,000. There are, of course, a number of immigrants from different regions. The island’s population is estimated at 115,000. Many people travel to Phuket every year for Christmas holidays from different parts of the world, such as China, Britain, the United States and countries in Western Europe.

If you want to travel from Tehran to Phuket you have to fly for about 7 hours. Time is limited, so think about it and then you will reach a beautiful island with spectacular places.

Geographical location of Phuket

Phuket is one of Thailand’s most famous cities and is actually the largest island in Thailand. The island is located in the southern part of Thailand, with a tropical climate so you can see rain in 30 degrees. This is normal in Phuket. Because the island is near the equator, so the temperature does not change much during the year.

Phuket Geographical

Phuket also has an interesting discovery story. The area was discovered by the Portuguese sailor in 1545. In those days Phuket Island was known as Jank Silon. In the 16th century the island was exposed to pirates. For this reason its importance was diminished. But gradually the Dutch and English again regained their prosperity.

The People’s Culture in Phuket

Like other cities, Phuket has its own culture. Most of this culture, however, is found in Thailand. For example, they consider the human legs the least valuable part of the body and the head as the most important part of the body.

The culture of the Thai people is constructed from the culture of several countries. Southeast Asian countries such as India and China have been involved as well. They have great respect for the elderly in the family. So they consult with them about their work.

But one thing to consider about Phuket Island. The area is multicultural due to the large number of immigrants. In addition, by exploring the architecture of buildings and places, you will notice the multicultural integration of the island. In fact, the architecture of this city is influenced by the Chinese and European architecture.

Part of the Phuket culture is like other cities in the world. For example, to get into a house you have to remove your shoes. This is also important for going to religious sites. Of course, in some stores and offices you will need to do this. To detect it, they put a sign in front of the door for you to remind.