The 10 most popular Phuket Tours in 2020

If you are planning your best Phuket Tour and it’s your goal to get the most out of your trip. Don’t miss the opportunity to check this blog out. I, as a real Phuketian who was born and raised in Phuket and have been living on this island for quite a long time, I’m going to tell you what are the must-go Phuket Tours as well as the beautiful unseen sides of Phuket. Stay with me and get only the best Phuket Tours!


This beautiful island is the biggest island of Thailand located in the Andaman sea. It’s the only island in Thailand that is also a province. In Thai, the name ‘Phuket’ actually means “Crystal Mountain”. In the past, the main business in Phuket was ‘Tin Mining’. There were tons of them on this island. However, because of its stunning environment, when all tins were gone. The main business has shifted to tourism. That’s why when Phuket is mentioned, most people would imagine cruising and looking at beautiful crystal clear water, laying your feet on an incredibly fine white sandy beach, exploring amazing aquatic life under the spectacular ocean. Well, not only that, you will also be able to explore the beautiful lastingly mixed culture of Thai, Chinese and Portuguese. All of the above makes Phuket to be one of the World’s Best Places to visit, is always ranked on the very 10th to visit as it’s culturally diverse and full of natural treasures awaits for you to discover. 


The Pearl of the Andaman, the destination for sea, sun and sand. Yet, this island still has tons of amazing treasures awaiting you to uncover. Not only that it’s famous for its surrounding islands tour, its beautiful seas, warm sunlight, and smooth white sand. There are also cultures and city tours also awaiting you to discover. Here are some tips on selecting the most popular tour in Phuket!

1. Koh Phi Phi Island Tour

Phi Phi Island Tour is an all-time fave and superstar tour for everyone who has been to Phuket. Its natural beauty, all those powerful limestone cliffs, stunning crystal clear turquoise water through its appearance in one of the world’s famous movies ‘The Beach’, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The movie might have attracted millions around the world to come here. However, the actual place itself has captivated millions of hearts around the world!

2.  Similan Island Tour

If you are looking for the best place for snorkeling and diving in Thailand. This place has it all. Similan is the most well-known for its richness and abundance of the colorful coral and marine life along with its crystal clear deep blue water and the overall breath-taking scenery. Swimming in beautifully warm azure water along with exploring the colorful life under the water with your own naked eyes provides the unforgettable memory of your life. All of this makes Similan one of the best tours in Phuket and in the Land of Smiles.

3. Phuket City Tour

Well, if you come to Phuket and leave without visiting Phuket City, you cannot confidently tell others that you have actually arrived here yet! What’s more to explore other than the beautiful island is the stunning city embedded with crafted and unique culture you cannot find anywhere else in the world. Book a Phuket City Tour, enrich yourself with a beautifully derived culture of Phuket by exploring the magnificent Phuket city and other must-visit landmarks. You will never regret it!

4. The 2 IN 1 Phuket Island and City Tour

Wouldn’t it be nice if you get to discover the beauty of your favorite islands as well as the beautiful city at the same time? This 2 in 1 Phuket tour offers you both the surf and the turf experience. This hybrid tour is best suitable for those who have limited time and wanna get the most out on the same day. Be captivated with beautiful city and local authentic Phuket cultures in the morning and then, jumping into crystal clear water afterwards. How wonderful would it be?


There are tons of tours and beautiful places on this island as Phuket has so much to offer. However, what if you are feeling a bit bored and tired with all the crowd and the old traditional tours. Here are some beautiful unseen Phuket Tour and places waiting for you to go and explore.

5. Samet Nangshe

It’s the only place with the chance to see the Milky Way around Phuket! Samet Nangshe is a spectacular, yet very calm and peaceful viewpoint which still remained untouched and unknown for not only most of the tourists but it is as well as for us, Thai people. It’s perfect to get the breath-taking panorama views of stunning Phang-Nga Bay. Please note that this breath-taking view point is not actually in Phuket so you might need to find a specific tour for this but coming here will be worth every second of your time!

6. Banana Beach

Local Phuketians call this beach a secret beach, as it is one of the most beautiful, hidden and tranquil beaches in Phuket where some local people even haven’t heard of and it’s not included in most of the tour programmes. The beach is about 180 meters long, quiet and features with beautifully clear water and beautiful trees embraced the beach itself.

7. Shrine of the Serene Light

This hidden shrine is located in the heart of the Old Phuket Town, surrounded with tall Sino Portuguese buildings and has another name of “Sang Tham Shrine”. It was founded in 1981 by the descendants of the Tan Luan Jae family. The whole building is bright and colorful but the interior inside gives a rather mystical feel. Therefore, it is an amazingly peaceful and quiet spot in the heart of the busy city where you might easily find peace and calmness deep inside your heart. A great tour.

8. Plane Spotting

Other than all the islands and city tours, Phuket actually has one of the world’s most pleasant airport environments to welcome all the newcomers to be mesmerized by the beauty of our island even before you’ve ever landed on the field. Therefore, plane spotting at Mai Khao is one of the most memorable experiences you can get. Imagine getting the perfect instagram photo of you with the blue sky, crystal clear turquoise water and an enormous aeroplane right above your head. How cool would that be?

9. Mai Khao MarineTurtle Foundation

From the past to present, Mai Khao beach is one of the few Phuket beaches where it has been a place for sea turtles nesting. There are many beautiful turtle experiences that you can explore here. From learning about 5 species of turtles that live in the beautiful Andaman Sea, preparing the beach for turtle nesting, treating and taking care of disabled turtles and most importantly, releasing sea turtles back to their home. It’s one of the untouched experiences aside from traditional tours not so many people know about when they come to Phuket. Therefore, please don’t miss this wonderful turtle opportunity to reunite with nature!


You absolutely need to hear me on this. Phuket is one of the best places in the world to EAT! We have one of the best cuisines on this planet Earth as we are located right at the hub of all the yummy cultures around us. I’m not saying this without any solid evidence, the island is named and awarded one of the World’s leading “Cities of Gastronomy” by UNESCO. Phuket is a food heaven where its food is unlike anywhere else in the world and I guarantee that you cannot find it somewhere else which means you must not miss out on our food! Trust me and be ready to be amazed by touring and exploring real island’s flavors we put our whole heart to cook for you!

10. Phuket Food Tour

Discovering your own Phuket food adventure by booking a food tour is a brilliant idea if you want to get the most out of your trip. As I said earlier, this is your opportunity to taste one of the best cuisines on Earth. Therefore, I recommend you to open your heart and try out some of our local favorite dishes. You can either book your half day tour where you would be guided through the Old Phuket Town tasting the original flavors of Phuket or you can book half day night tour exploring the one and only dining experience. My tip for you is to always remember there are tons of good food coming ahead. Thus, don’t pig out and get too stuffed and miss out on the rest!