Wake Boarding Phuket

The Mega Tour is proud to partner with Anthem Wake Park to offer visitors to Phuket the thrill of wake boarding in a safe and awesome environment. Anthem Wake Park is the first clockwise cable wake boarding park in Asia located in Phuket, Thailand, 25 mins from the airport. Nestled within a huge fresh water lake, surrounded by natural and mountainous landscape, this cablepark has 6 pylon towers, 8 carriers running along a 12 meter high cable track measuring 650-meter long.

Phuket Wake Boarding with The Mega Tou. The main cable runs at a speed of 29 km/hr and Anthem Wake Park has 11 specially-designed obstacles positioned around the circuit suitable for beginners, avid and professional riders to garner that adrenaline rush. Next to the main cable, we have installed a system 2 training cable to help beginners learn wake boarding quickly and safely. Our team of qualified instructors are on hand to make sure every one gets the most out of the wake park. Book your tour online and The Mega Tour will take care of everything from hotel pick ups to refreshments and getting you home at the end of the day.

“I can really only give Anthem Wakepark 5 stars, because FB don’t have more I can throw at them… My two visits to Anthem was a much needed break from the family-resort-hell; it was my first visit to a cable park (I primarily kitesurf) and it was just awesome to get on the water, even though I did not use the park to its full potential. Loved the setting, the friendly staff and the food! The spicy shrimp-mango salad was the best meal of my 2 week vacation 🙂 I’ll be sure to stop by again if I come back to Phuket!!”

Anthem Pro-shop offers wake boards, wake skates, bindings, helmets, life jackets and board bags for those who want to have their own riding gears. The cool casual energy here and the friendliness of people at Anthem Wake Park make this unique destination more than just an excursion venue. The Mega Tour combines The Anthem Wake Park with The Surf House Phuket for an action packed day of adventure and adrenaline.

Welcome To The Anthem Wake Park Phuket!