Where is Wat Chalong Temple?

One of Phuket’s most important sights is the Wat Chalong Temple. Religious places are of great importance to the Thai people, so you need to get to know their religious culture and beliefs before traveling to this country in order not to be considered rebellion.
Every people has a highlighted border in their lives that they need to be protected. One of the red lines that Thai people have is their religious beliefs.
The majority of Thai people follow Buddhist religion. That’s why Buddhist temples are so important to them, that about 29 temples are so impressive that they are symbolically beautiful.
Wat Chalong Temple is one of the most significant temples in Thailand that we suggest you visit on your trip. You can visit this area from 7am to 5pm daily.
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Wat Chalong Temple History

This temple has been one of the tourist destinations in Phuket for nearly 100 years. If you are traveling to Phuket for a city tour , you can visit the site and learn more about Buddhist culture and religion.
As you enter this temple you will see fascinating sculptures, and stunning paintings. This space is of particular interest to all tourists from all countries.
In order to enter these religious sites, you need to wear suitable clothes. Otherwise this will be considered as disrespect to the Buddhist faith. This is considered vital for all religions. So if you want to visit the religious sites in Phuket, be aware of the type of clothing you choose while visiting these places.
To enter temples, you need to cover specific parts of your body. Wear a cloth so that your feet, abdomen, chest, and shoulder do not be exposed. Take off your shoes before entering the temples. But remember not to wear your expensive shoes when you visit these places. When there are so many shoes in front of the temple door, it can be a little difficult to find someone who has put on your shoes by mistake.
One of the strangest things you’ll probably see in this temple is that there are always some security staffs to lookout for foreign tourists not to stand in front of the Buddha statue. They see it as disrespect if you stand taller than the Buddha statue.

More information about Wat Chalong Temple

To reach the temple, about 8 kilometers from Phuket, you have to travel south of Phuket via Nok Road. Cross the Central Festival Shopping Center, you’ll see this temple on the left side of the road. If you want to know the history of this temple, we must go back to 1867. During those years, war with Chinese rebels led to two monks rushing for medicinal plants with the help of war casualties. The temple was built as a memorial to these two monks, Luang Pocham and Luang Po Chang.
A gilded statue of the monk was located as a memorial in the temple. Of course there are other sculptures in this place that will fascinate every tourist. The presence of a large pagoda of carved bones of the great Buddha makes this place special.
Next to each sightseeing there is usually a shop to buy the supplies you need. On the outside of the temple there are several souvenir shops to make a small memento for your loved ones to remind them that you have been thinking about them during their journey.