Phuket Aquarium , Underwater World

Phuket is one of the Thailand islands. It is not unexpected that the island will be a stranger about the underwater world. To this end, the sea and its creatures are among the most spectacular views of Phuket. We would like to introduce you the Phuket Aquarium, one of the beauties of the island. The island has attracted many tourists over the past few years. Out of sightseeing destinations, Thailand is the largest share of Phuket city tour .

Many people who have traveled to this area believe that Phuket is a piece of paradise on earth. If you are heading to this earthly paradise, we recommend visiting its spectacular landscapes, including the aquarium, to return your home with plenty of travel memories.

Phuket Aquarium Introduction

It takes about an hour to get there. This, of course, depends on your interest in the underwater world. This aquarium is one of the most important and fascinating sightseeing in Phuket Island.

When you enter this place you will see aquatic replicas. This section may be of particular interest to your children. Alongside each replica are tips on how to live this aquatic life to find out more about different aquatic species.

There are also touch pools on the grounds where you can touch and play with some aquatic animals. Touching these creatures will not harm you or even this group of aquatic species.

Phuket Aquarium

The most interesting part of this place is its tunnel section. A large glass tunnel that opens your eyes to sea water and its creatures. In this space you can take interesting photos to capture a memorable moment. You can see the huge aquatic species above your head. So don’t be afraid of sharks passing by and enjoy the scene as technology advances to get you closer to these creatures.

You can visit this area from 8:30 to 16:00. Taxis from all over the city take you to this destination. Of course, if you come to this place by special aquarium tours, you pay less for shipping. Once you reach this place, you will have to pay for entry. This entrance is intended for adults at about 180 baht and for children at 100 baht. Children must be less than 108 cm tall to be eligible for this tariff.

Phuket Aquarium Facilities and Recreation

You can have a lot of fun in this space. You can see many species of marine animals living in seawater. You probably aren’t familiar with many of them. Some of these animals, such as turtles, octopuses, sharks, corals, dolphins, and others, are visible around the aquarium.

There is a special space in the aquarium for you to swim and play with the dolphins. Other pets are not allowed to be for the better protection of you.

Buying souvenirs is a fascinating belief for everyone in the world. Anyone traveling elsewhere would like to buy a small reminder to their loved ones. There is a store for souvenirs in this aquarium that you can make fun memories for your loved ones. Some of the items purchased from this store are clothing.

The aquarium is located near the coast of Cape Penua. So you can stroll or relax in the green and near the beach atmosphere after surfing the aquarium. Walking along at the beach you will see large ships passing large numbers of passengers daily.