Phuket Beaches and Islands

Snorkeling Around Phuket With The Mega Tour

Snorkeling around Phuket with The Mega Tour. Ever wanted to meet a turtle? Love to be surrounded by tropical fish? Fascinated by harmless reef sharks? We have you covered. Join the Mega Tour on one of our island tours and experience some of the best snorkeling in Thailand.

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Phuket Islands and Beaches

As you fly in to Phuket International Airport you will undoubtedly notice amazing beaches – providing your lucky enough to arrive during daylight hours that is. The best view of Phuket’s Islands and beaches is afforded to those arriving from the south – usually via KL or Singapore. The planes fly directly over the Phi Phi Islands National Marine Park then to the East of Phuket skirting the Bay of Phang Nga with Koh Yao Yai and Koh Yao Noi visible out the right hand windows. Sharp left and you touch down at the airport ready to start your holiday.

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